Cure Attention Deficit Disorder in Teen

Attention Deficit Disorder is a development disorder. This disorder is keep on increasing every year rapidly. Many people think ADD/ ADHD is a childhood disorder. However, the symptoms of ADD can bring into teenager and adult life. The symptoms of ADD may become intensify during teenager years, because teenager years are the hormonal changes of adolescence.

The most common ADD symptoms for Teen:

  • Hard to concentrate
  • Procrastinate.
  • Easy to be distract

All of these symptoms will affect their life, study and social seriously. ADD teen without receiving any ADD treatment may forget to do their exercise, fail in the exam, loss their textbooks or stationery and teacher get misunderstand on them. ADD teens may also cannot finish their task often because they easy to get distract by other things. They are mind busy to thinking many things at a time. People might think ADD teens are lazy and love to stare but they are just can’t control their mind. Difficulty of concentration might also cause them easy to get hurt in the sports or outdoor activities.


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Treatment for Teens

The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatmentshow a great degree of improvement in the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is a acupuncture technique use by Chinese Master. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is a very complex acupuncture technique. Chinese Master learns this acupuncture technique from his father when he was a teenager. He had been practice many years. He improved and combined it with some western medical theory to speed up the period of treatment. Disease or disorder that related to brain, Chinese Master will use The Tole Neuro Acupuncture to treat the patient.

Chinese Master is well known in Malaysia and worldwide. He had received a first honor acupuncturist award from SuZhou Acupuncturist and Association in 1997. He also had been interview by many newspaper, magazine and also television programs. He likes to share his knowledge with others no matter online or offline.

Many people around the world came to Malaysia to meet him and receive treatment from Chinese Master.

Chinese Master also provides Herbal Treatment for ADD teens. The Herbal he provided is planted in his own garden. He believes a high quality and no chemical of herbal can help to treat the patient more effectively. To treating the Teen who has Attention Deficit Disorder, he will use The Tole Neuro Brain Powder herbal formula. The Tole Neuro Brain Powder is suitable to any type of body. It did not have any bad side effect. Parents can mix The Tole Neuro Brain Powder into any liquid to let the teens to take it. The Tole Neuro Brain Powder is using a herbal formula which is created by Chinese Master. In the past 30 years, Chinese Master using this formula to treat many of ADD patient and the herbal formula have a very good result.

Many evidence shows, diet treatment and game treatment combined with neuro acupuncture and herbal treatment can be more effectiveness than only using herbal. Diet Treatment will include avoiding sugar and artificial food.  Different of ADD patient have a different level of food allergic. Chinese master will provide diet treatment plan for every ADD patient and adjust their diet plan, to make sure they have enough and balance mineral.


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